Fitnesse Testing in EDI

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Webinar Purpose

To help attendees get an understanding of fitnesse testing and its extensive usage in the EDI world. It also allow participants to understand how fitnesse simplifies EDI engineers day to day work too.

Topics to discuss

  • What is called Fitnesse Testing?
  • Usage of Fitnesse testing in EDI
  • EDI Fitnesse Testing process?
  • EDI Fitnesse testing – Benefits
  • Advanced Version of Fitnesse Testing

Description of Webinar

Fitnesse testing is a freeware framework which enables developers to understand the impact of change made to a particular system. However this when applied to EDI development helps in reducing a lot of manual tasks involved in EDI and also provides a health check of a given EDI System. This fitnesse testing reduces the need of EDI testing engineers in a particular set of team members. Advanced fitnesse testing allows to provide reports of a system performed with changes against real time traffic and also can be designed in such a way that the fitnesse testing reports compliance to guidelines provided by EDI system owners. Fitnesse testing can be used in EDI Migration projects where most of EDI Analyst work involves in analysis the entire system output against a particular set of expected output

Mr. Dejas

Webinar Host

Buyer Persona / Target Audience

EDI environment Owners, EDI Migration head, EDI Operations Managers, EDI Integration Process Head.

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