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The sudden and rapid explosion of mobile technology offers huge opportunities. While it seems likely that a number of mobile platforms will continue to thrive, mobile customers are demanding a very high quality of user experience from their applications.The explosion of mobile is for a good reason. People prefer the engagement and immediacy of mobiles. Mobiles fit into a person’s lifestyle, moving with them, rather than demanding people meet them on the technology’s terms.

Martin Fowler used to name the two extremes the Laser strategy and the Cover-Your-Bases strategy. “It is important to remember that the trade-off between platform coverage and fidelity of experience only constitutes your opening gambit when moving into the mobile space. Mobile apps and strategy will evolve.”

  • The Laser strategy is to focus on a small set of features and just one platform, but with a very polished and immersive user experience. You would follow this strategy when experience is key to your app or product. Often, the app would substantially be the product.
  • The Cover-Your-Bases strategy is to focus on building a lower fidelity app across many, if not all, of the mobile platforms. This app would provide a consistent feature set and experience across all platforms. This strategy is most suitable when you already have a large user base and the app would be a new channel to access your existing product.

What we do?

  • Progressive web application development.
  • Think about building a single application that presents across multiple devices: mobile, desktop, tablet – or whatever device your users might use.
  • Set strategic approach to be consistent in delivering effective user experience.
  • Designers, prototype engineers always have a way out to the problem and will enlighten it in newer ways.
  • UX testing model.

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