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Sterling B2B Integrator supports translation and multiple secured communication protocol configurations to exchange business documents with internal systems or external client applications. It supports high-volume data flow on a day-to-day basis and effortlessly handles complex business validations and routing without any interruption. It also provides a web-based user and administration interface.


Features of Sterling Integrator

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IBM Transformation Extender

IBM Sterling Transformation Extender (ITX) is a data transformation engine which enables the perfect solution for companies looking to keep pace with changing customer and compliance needs. It streamlines your organizational efficiencies and eases complex transformation and validation processes within a single platform saving time and costs on development and support. It is an any-to-any transformation solution which provides the organization with a high volume of complicated business transactions in a wide range of various standards and formats by automating the entire process. IBM Sterling Transformation Extender also enhances productivity with reusable methodologies.

IBM Sterling Global MailBox

This is a reliable data storage solution that assists businesses with high availability operations and redundancy. Global Mailbox reproduces data that is delivered in near real time and stores it in locations across the globe. This process ensures that the service is uninterrupted, that it is immediately rerouted to avoid a catastrophe rather than suffering the disastrous consequences of a breakdown, and that it must recover. Simplifies overall mailbox management, data replication and retrieval for businesses and IT users.

Sterling Integrator EDI Support

We offer software and advisory services to optimize your EDI capabilities and overcome your data translation challenges with IBM Sterling Integrator. These solutions transform non structured documents into EDI according to your business rules and are designed to support high volume electronic data transfers.

Trading Partner Management and Onboarding

IBM Sterling Integrator supports the faster and efficient onboarding of new trading partners and the ability to smoothly collaborate with existing partners with Partner Engagement Manager. Onboarding time can be reduced and the manual process of transferring data can be simplified. You can reach newer markets more easily and quickly pursue growth opportunities by connecting to new customers and partners via the communications standards they prefer.

B2B Process Automation

Improve your data flow by automating B2B manual processes with the support from our experts using IBM Sterling Integrator. These solutions seamlessly integrate business processes with the partners and customers. This solution is designed to automate B2B processes across enterprises by adhering to standards and providing visibility in the processes.

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    Communication Protocols

    The Sterling Integrator assures secure network and data transfer.

    FTP – File Transfer Protocol

    SFTP – Secured File Transfer Protocol

    AS2 (EDIINT) – Applicability Statement 2 Web Services

    PGP ( Pretty Good Privacy ) encryption could be used for data security.

    Sterling Map Translation

    EDI Mapping Tool.

    EDI standards: X12, EDIFACT, CII, TRADACOMS & VDA.

    XML Standards : RosettaNet

    Internet Standards for data exchange: EBICS, RNIF, RosettaNet, ebXML.

    Supports WTX translations.


    Effectively designed and scheduled housekeeping processes to properly remove the transactional database entries as per the lifespan of the business process.

    The persistence level is set at the Business process level or activity level in order to have limitations on the level of details updated to transactional database tables.


    Business process monitoring

    • Business Process –> Monitor –> Current Process
    • Viewing Halted BPs under System –> Troubleshooter –> Business Process Usage.

    Business process queue usage monitoring

    • Troubleshooter –> Business Process Queue Usage

    Any product-related queries/issues could be raised from Sterling Integrator UI itself.

    Database usage monitoring

    • Operations –> System –> Troubleshooter –> Database Usage

    Monitoring Threads

    • Operations –> System –> Thread Monitor.

    The support team email id could be configured in Sterling Integrator. It sends the translation failures, communication failures, and certificate expiration reports to the support team. They will analyze the failure notification and notify the customer or internal teams accordingly.

    Why SMI?

    • We offer a range of B2B Integration solutions for your unique operational needs.
    • Our in-house experts will take care of the integration of your partners and provide support if necessary with IBM Sterling Integrator.
    • We will implement your business processes in IBM Sterling Integrator so you can focus on your primary business.
    • We provide production support to your IBM Sterling Environment. We assist your team as per your requirements and budgets.
    • Our EDI Integration Specialist will support majority of EDI transactions for almost every industry.
    • We are also capable of promoting trading partner relationships to production and supporting them.
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