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    Sterling B2B Integrator supports translation and multiple secured communication protocol configurations to communicate with internal systems or external client applications.

    It supports high-volume document exchange on a day-to-day basis. It effortlessly handles complex business validations and routing without any interruption.

    It provides a web-based user and administration interface.

    Based on a user account, access will be provided for Sterling Integrator Application.

    Features of Sterling Integrator


    • Perimeter security at DMZ
    • Secured mailbox repository.
    • Supports SFTP & AS2 communication protocol for data transport security.
    • Supports S/MIME & PGP Encryption for data security.
    • Identity Management, Role-based system operation, and data access.
    Trading partner onboarding
    • Trading partner onboarding time is less.
    • Enabling unlimited document flow with customer and supplier.
    • Configuring envelopes for various standards.
    • Development of business processes to automate business validations.
    • Implementation of flow level configurated to achieve end to end business document exchange.
    Business Process
    • Graphical Process Modeler
    • Business process execution engine
    • Predefined business processes
    • Scheduling business process as per client requirement.
    • Batch processing
    Inbound Process Flow in Sterling Integrator
    • Input file received from the customer
    • Using Deenveloping Service the files will be identified translation map
    • The output will be delivered to the folder.
    • Internal system will pick up the file from this folder.
    Outbound Process Flow in Sterling Integrator
    • Back end system generated the file.
    • BP will pick the file as per schedule.
    • The map translates it and then sends the output back to the customer via the preferred communication configuration.
    Business Process could be created using GPM or Existing business processes could be modified in the XML editor, validated, and then could be checked-in Sterling Integrator.

    Services – Multiple services could be combined to achieve specific business needs.

    Communication Protocols
    The Sterling Integrator assures secure network and data transfer.

    FTP – File Transfer Protocol
    SFTP – Secured File Transfer Protocol
    AS2 (EDIINT) – Applicability Statement 2 Web Services

    PGP ( Pretty Good Privacy ) encryption could be used for data security.

    Sterling Map Translation
    • EDI Mapping Tool.
    • EDI standards: X12, EDIFACT, CII, TRADACOMS & VDA.
    • XML Standards : RosettaNet
    • Internet Standards for data exchange: EBICS, RNIF, RosettaNet, ebXML.
    • Supports WTX translations
    • Effectively designed and scheduled housekeeping processes to properly remove the transactional database entries as per the lifespan of the business process.
    • The persistence level is set at the Business process level or activity level in order to have limitations on the level of details updated to transactional database tables.
    • Business process monitoring
      1. Business Process –> Monitor –> Current Process
      2. Viewing Halted BPs under System –> Troubleshooter –> Business Process Usage.
    • Database usage monitoring
      1. Operations –> System –> Troubleshooter –> Database Usage
    • Business process queue usage monitoring
      1. Troubleshooter –> Business Process Queue Usage.
    • Monitoring Threads
      1. Operations –> System –> Thread Monitor
    • Any product-related queries/issues could be raised from Sterling Integrator UI itself.
    • The support team email id could be configured in Sterling Integrator. It sends the translation failures, communication failures, and certificate expiration reports to the support team. They will analyze the failure notification and notify the customer or internal teams accordingly.
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