What is EDI?

EDI is the electronic exchange of  business documents in a standardized format between business partners without manual intervention. EDI is not just an electronic process but involves exchange via communication protocols and international document standards. Companies that experience rapid growth in business partner networks require a large B2B onboarding process, hence EDI is needed to automate the business process. 

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Why Choose SMI ?

We have experience integrating and implementing EDI solutions for various ranges of businesses from different industries to help them simplify their business processes and industry challenges. We have helped our clients improve efficiency and automate the manual process efficiently. 

If you are looking for a complete EDI infrastructure, then SMI would be a perfect fit  to implement a reliable EDI solution that will suit all your business needs.

What makes us unique is that,

  • Compliance With All of Your EDI Trading Partners (includes transactions)
  • Cost Effective Method to Comply With Your EDI Requirements
  • Low Cost Solution Without Any In-House EDI Experience Required

  • Improved Overall EDI Efficiency
  • Secure & Timely EDI Transaction Processing
  • 100% EDI Document Tracking
  • Unsurpassed Daily EDI Customer Support

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  • Banking & Financial Services
  • Healthcare
  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Pharmaceutical

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What is the necessity of using the message standards and why?

EDI standards provide a consistent environment for two business partners to standardize the message format for sharing business documents.

How does EDI work?

The exchange of documents between business partners are sent by the following process:
i. Prepare the documents that needs to be sent

ii. Translate the documents from internal format into EDI standard format.

iii. Transmit your EDI documents to your business partner via preferred communication protocols.

What is needed to set up a complete EDI infrastructure in my business?

To implement EDI in your organization you need to get EDI enabled software, an EDI platform, standard language and secure communication networks 

Who can implement EDI in my company?

Before you start an EDI implementation, make sure your company has employees who have the information needed to manage your EDI project. Alternatively, external experts can be involved for the EDI project and implementation phase.

What kind of messages do I send & receive?

To exchange electronic data between business partners, you both need to decide on a certain standard. These standards are set by various organizations, such as UN, ANSI, DIN or VDA.

Which communication channel do I need to use for data exchange?

You can exchange data via mailbox, point-to-point connection or internet. The decision to choose the right communication network depends on whether you want to communicate independently with your partner, maintain a communication relationship with your business partner or just want to move a small amount of data at a low cost.

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