Digital Operations Transformation

Today’s digital economy offers an unprecedented opportunity to envision and build innovative new products, services and experiences tailored to stay ahead of evolving customer demands.

Customers’ digital expectations are rising, both directly for digital products and services and indirectly for the speed, accuracy, productivity, and convenience that digital makes possible.

Digitalisation is transforming many industries across the globe. It is seen not only as a tool to cut costs and boost customer experience, but also as a key growth driver for the future. In fact, digital transformation is offering a great chance for organisations to completely reimagine their processes and systems, and future-proof their businesses. To enable digital transformation across the businesses, need to lay a solid foundation for it with your business and operational support systems

What we do ?

  • Define strategic objective by establishing pain points & opportunities, understanding market enablement, and internal capabilities.
  • Center of Excellence (COE) as a separate function which institutionalizes the use of right tools & processes.
  • Adopt guidelines and best practices for decision making analysis (Business & Technical)
  • Promote common language for technology to fill the gap between business and technology specialist.
  • Conduct incremental, with a clear vision and ambition, with collaborative effort of all stake holders to ensure continous transformation journey.
  • Involve heavily on setting up enterprise architecture design and its implementation.

What we do ?

  • Implement Robotic Process Automation (RPA) wherever needed to boost efficiency, facilitating governance and improving agility.
  • Establish best suite of technology and technical capabilities required for digitalisation.
  • Encourage and implement proper API management platform.
  • Follow secured governance model for the business to operate securely.
  • DevSecOps will be involved at earlier stage for continous delivery.

Case Studies

Insurance Services

Provides service in General Insurance, Life & Health, Motor and Marine. Tazur likes to transform their whole product & services in current digital trend.

We follow above strategy, provided a complete governance model to digitalize their business operations and improved business value for this customer.

Global Fax Service

A fax conversion service, reduces the expense and time required for the manual data entry of faxed orders without impacting the customers’ order practices.

With open source OCR, Machine Learning techniques and Cloud technologies we provided the customer a solution to efficiently automate their orders processing system.

Technology we play with

Other Services

Internet of Things
Digital Data Platform
DevOps Services
Quality Assurance Service
Mobility Services
Enterprise Solutions Services