IT infrastructure has undergone huge changes in recent years. The shift to dynamic provisioning, shared resources and cloud computing have driven benefits around IT speed, agility and cost, and all of this has helped to improve application development. DevOps is at the heart of realizing speed, velocity and agility in software delivery. The methodologies and practices of DevOps accelerate product release cycle time, improve product quality and operational efficiency.

Agile software development has broken down some of the silos between requirements analysis, testing and development. Deployment, operations and maintenance are other activities that have suffered a similar separation from the rest of the software development process. The DevOps movement is aimed at removing these silos and encouraging collaboration between development and operations.

DevSecOps – Security practices within DevOps process

Introducing security earlier in the life cycle of application development, minimizes vulnerabilities and brings security closer to IT and business objectives.

Automation is a cornerstone of the DevOps movement and facilitates collaboration. Automating tasks such as testing, configuration and deployment frees people up to focus on other valuable activities and reduces the chance of human error.

What we do?

  • Center of Excellence (COE) as a separate function which institutionalizes the use of right tools & processes into the software development practices
  • Assess the current state of DevOps culture, process, and tool chain and quantify your maturity model
  • Analyze, design, construct, automate and implement according to the needs identified for each project
  • Integrate and automate application security in CI/CD pipelines
  • Leverage your existing tools and integrate them with our strong ecosystem of open source and licensed tools in each step of agile delivery
  • Data Center Management, Network Security Management, Application Availability Management and Cloud Advisory Services
  • Secure Development Programs & Training, CI/CD Strategy & Planning
  • Manage and enhance people skills, culture, process, and tools

Technology we play with

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